Dental Accreditations

Quality Advance Accreditation Scheme Level 1

Following an inspection and assessment by Nottinghamshire County PCT in December 2010, we were pleased to have reached level one of the ‘Advance’ Quality Accreditation Scheme.

Receiving the Advance Quality Accreditation Scheme demonstrates that the practice is providing a high standard of care in all aspects of dentistry including infection control, patient safety, safeguarding children and the effective management of all systems, equipment and procedures.

Quality Advance Accreditation Scheme Level 2

In 2011 we moved on to starting Level 2 of the Quality Advance Accreditation Scheme. We realised the work involved and the great recognition the practice would receive on completion of this award. In December 2012 the practice met the full requirements, we were interviewed by the PCT staff and also had module work accessed.

Every member of our practice team played a huge role in helping us achieve this award.

Incredible Mouths Accreditation

Incredible Mouths is a Nottinghamshire County funded programme, awarding accreditation to those practices promoting key oral health messages and helping tackle dental health inequalities.

We are proud to say that we received The Incredible Mouths Award in September 2012.

Incredible mouths accreditation 2015

We are proud to say that we have again achieved The Incredible Mouths Accreditation 2015 and we are thrilled to be delivering better oral health to our patients in and around Nottinghamshire.

Care Quality Commission

We are very proud to announce that we meet the standards of the Care Quality Commission.

Well done to our practice team for all of their hard work. Thank you also to our lovely patients for all of the fantastic comments, it was really nice to hear such wonderful remarks about our team.

Why not take a look at our CQC report.